4D Balance

CHEK Practitioner,Clinical Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach,Corrective Movement Therapist

The 4 Doctors Balance is a philisophy that we use at the clinic to help educate our clients about health and performance.  It is a synthesis and expansion of an ancient Greek philosophy popularised by Hippocrates and restructured by Paul Chek. Hippocrates, who became a famous physician, achieved a level of success not through the use of medical drugs, but by essentially approaching each patient with the notion that there were three main physicians already within each person:

The Four Doctors

Using this simple approach, he believed that whatever ailed his patients had its roots in one or more of these three aspects of human life.  This is true even today some 2000 years after his death, yet a further doctor needed to be added to his theory.  Because of the sedentary lifestyle many people lead, Paul Chek incorporated Dr. Movement to Hippocrates’ original three experts.  The 4 doctors hold simple truths that are the very foundation of health and wellbeing and, most importantly, individuals must meet these requirements actively through conscious decisions regarding lifestyle.

Dr. Diet

Dr. Diet provides the foundation for health and wellbeing. The food and drink entering the body will dramatically affect energy levels and biochemical response, which in turn influences physical, emotional and mental performance.  When there are deficiencies in the diet, there just is not enough energy or clarity of mind to have the desire to build and maintain health and wellbeing. Dr. Diet will not necessarily guide everyone to eat the same foods. In fact, the kinds of foods and the proportions of fat, protein and carbohydrates that are right for one individual may be radically different from another. Dr. Diet will provide guidance to make the right nutritional choices for the body.

Dr. Quiet

Dr. Quiet is the physician in charge of energy management and recovery, which is especially important in times of stress.  When the “fight or flight” system is activated repeatedly or for a long period of time, one of the first things to suffer is sleep. Because the body’s ability to recover and repair itself is tied in very real biological ways to our sleep, Dr. Quiet’s primary duty is to encourage the necessary sleep to recover from day to day challenges. Besides providing guidance toward good sleep, Dr. Quiet assists in obtaining the relaxation and the self-time people need to stay calm, focused and energised during the day.

Dr. Happiness

Dr. Happiness’ primary purpose is to lead everyone toward a life that fulfils their individual needs. Dr. Happiness’ message is: “If a life is lead that does not fit with that person’s core values and does not complete them, then every aspect of that life becomes a burden.” The less a lifestyle is aligned with core values, the more frequent the “fight or flight system” is activated and the further away a person will become from being truly content. The important truth Dr. Happiness offers is that happiness is an essential feature of genuine lasting health. He will provide the guidance of how to uncover core values and how to use lifestyle to support those values and discover what enables someone to be truly happy.

Dr. Movement

Dr. Movement is the addition to the original 3 doctors. He addresses the fact that over the course of evolution humans have become more and more sedentary. Evolution has taken the human species from being hunter gatherers, to a current lifestyle that allows and sometimes requires individuals to be seated most of the day in front of computer screens.  This combined with the daily demands of modern day life can prevent any kind of beneficial physical movement.  The need for daily movement for survival has disappeared but it is still very much required to sustain optimal health and wellbeing.  It is necessary to move nutrients through the body, eliminate waste and to generate emotional stability and mental clarity. Dr. Movement will show the way to acquire more energy and stamina and how to move it into action.

Although each individual doctor can provide valuable lessons, it is important to remember that optimal health is only likely to occur once all doctors are consulted.